"Melvaunt? Thentia? Good places to get drunk in, I supposeā€¦"

Hommil Dundreth,
Merchant-Mage of Hlintar,
Lines On The North
Year of the Black Shield

On To Thentia

Southeast of Melvaunt along the wild coast is Thentia, the most fiercely independent but military weak of the surviving cities of the Moonsea's northern coast. Thantia's army has only 60 troopers called "Riders". These warriors are heavily armed and well trained; thay are rumored to ride surface rothe into battle and wield 20-foot long lances. Their chief duty is to patrol the approaches to the city. Thentia also has "Wardens", who serve as the city's police force. Thentia is slightly smaller than Melvaunt, but does even more trade. Traditionally, it has been like Hillsfar across the sea-a lightly governed, tolerant, open trading center. Like Hillsfar, Thentia has flourished as a busy hive of enterpreneus operating largely unchecked by decrees or taxes.
Every winter residents of Thentia must pay a 5gp "winter tax", and all ships must pay a 1gp "docking tax" each time they enter the gates of Thentia's fortified harbor. No other taxes are levied on the city.
Certain wealthy, long-established families of Thentia are considered "noble" and their members hold the titles of "Lord" or "Lady". The privileges of nobilty are few indeed: the right to display
personal coats-of-arms, the right to maintain a private army of not more than 40 men-at-arms within the city, and the right to vote to select the citiy's Watchlord (currently Gelduth Blackturret, a LN hm F9).
The Watchlord is the daily ruler of Thentia. He runs the police and serves as judgein all legal trials (for serious crimes, the Watchlord calls on random citizens to form a jury, which is empowered to determine guilt or innocense). The Watchlord is usually, but not always, noble, and usually, but not always, male.
Any citizen of Thentia is eligible for the office of Watchlord, which is neither well-paid nor particularly powerful. One term of
office lasts a year. Watchlords can serve multiple terms if they wish,
and they often do. Former Watchlords bear the title "High Lord" or
"High Lady".
There only have beem two Lady Watchlords: the sorceress
Aergautha Sulmrim, new deceased; and the fiery-tempered merchant Kaulyx
Raemooutha (CG hf F7), who still runs a fast ferry service of light
"Waverunner" boats between Thentia, Melvaunt and Hillsfar.
Thentia is a refuge for anyone unwelcome everywhere else in the
Inner Sea lands. Life in Thentia is a relaxed, self absorbed daily
round wherein it is everyone for himself or herself. This is not to
say that Thentia is a lawless den of thieves o a cold and cutthroat
olace of warring merchants, but merely that it is a place without
patriotism or thirst for glory.
Nevertheless, Thentia is an unwholesome target for conquerors.
When invaders come calling , the Thentians simply open their coffers
and spend whatever the sum is required to meet the treat. Thentia is
infamous for arranging to quickly hire enough mercenaries to win a
battle and to have them arrive where and when they are needed the most.
Thentia has been succesfully invaded, however. About 36 winters ago,
Lord Maerhul of Zhentil Keep captured and garrisoned the city. Many
Thentians responded by fleeing to Hillsfar, the the citizens begin to
return to Thentia as merchants bringing goods to the farrison. The
displaced Thentians wheeled and dealed until the Zhentilar became
hopelessly corrupt and lost control of local order. Not long after,
Thentia was free once more.
Thentia is bery touchy about trade. If anyone harasses
Thentian ships, retaliation is swift. The infamous Inner Sea pirate
Raeth Wolfwind omce foolishly decided to surprise sailors in the
Moonsea with a few leisurely raids, and met a swift doom. Zhentil Keep
and Mulmaster have both lost ships-crews, cargos, and all-in the wake
of attacks on Thentian vessels.
Thentia is home to some very powerful archmages, such as
Phourkyn One-Eye (NG hm W21), Flamuldinath "Firefingers" Thuldoum (CG
hm W18), the elf Rilitar Shadow-water (CG em W15), and the adventuring
mage known as Scattercloak (CN? hm? W16+?).
Some say these archmages are the true rulers of Thentia. They
advise and support the Watchlord, and by their Art could easily
destroy, or control, the citie's ruler. It should be noted that those
who are caught stealing magic in Thentia are usually executed.

Government and Politics

The Watchlord's most important duty is administrating the Trade Decrees. These are fair and simple laws of contracts and standards under which trade is conducted. Those who cheat, extort or sabotage in their trade dealings are swiftly arrested by the Warders and executed, exiled, or fined (usually through confiscation of goods) by the Watchlord. News of who has been caught is spread widely throughout the city, and thence about the trade routes of Faerun. The news can be more damaging than the sentence itself. All of this keeps trade in Thentia fairly honest, within the broad limits of Decrees. This enforced honesty in turn makes Thentia a popular place for those with gold to invest in mining, exploring, and treasure-seeking.


800 DR [Year of the Black Fist]

Thentia is established on the Moonsea by three noble families.

1276 DR [Year of the Crumbling Keep]

The powers at Zhentil Keep meet with representatives of the other Moonsea cities and suggest that a joint force man the Citadel of the Raven. The cities of Hillsfar, Phlan, Mulmaster, Voonlar, Melvaunt, Thentia, Sulasspryn, Yulash, and Zhentil Keep send forces to repair and occupy the citadel. Some of these cities use criminals, prisoners, and malcontents to make up their forces.

In a plot to increase the number of Zhentish troops posted at the Citadel of the Raven, Zhentil Keep grants Yulash "independence" (but secretly still maintains control). The troops sent by Yulash are actually Zhentish troops.

1345 DR [Year of the Saddle]

A mysterious explosion levels the temple of Waukeen in Thentia.


From the RPGA Newszine Polyhedron - The Everwinking Eye series by Ed Greenwood

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