Un tempo una città sul Mar della Luna, oggi in rovina, inghiottita dalla terra stessa.
Gli unici edifici rimasti in piedi sono un granaio pieno di ragnatele, Torre Drowbane e una grossa nave colata a picco a largo della costa, abitata da elfi marini.
Secondo gli abitanti del luogo, c’è qualcoa di terribile nel tempio sconsacrato di Selune.


974 DR Year of the Haunting Harpy

The stronghold of the retired half-elf adventurer Sulass Drowsbane grows into the city of Sulasspryn on the Moonsea. »

1276 DR Year of the Crumbling Keep

The powers at Zhentil Keep meet with representatives of the other Moonsea cities and suggest that a joint force man the Citadel of the Raven. The cities of Hillsfar, Phlan, Mulmaster, Voonlar, Melvaunt, Thentia, Sulasspryn, Yulash, and Zhentil Keep send forces to repair and occupy the citadel. Some of these cities use criminals, prisoners, and malcontents to make up their forces.
In a plot to increase the number of Zhentish troops posted at the Citadel of the Raven, Zhentil Keep grants Yulash "independence" (but secretly still maintains control). The troops sent by Yulash are actually Zhentish troops. »

1306 DR Year of Thunder

Moonsea War: Hulburg and Sulasspryn are defeated by Mulmaster. Mulmaster is later vanquished by an alliance between Sembia, Phlan, Hillsfar, Melvaunt, and Zhentil Keep. »

1307 DR Year of the Mace

The Moonsea city of Sulasspryn suddenly and inexplicably collapses on itself, dropping into a large sinkhole. An entire city, 7,500 people, are crushed in less then ten minutes. Sulasspryn is promptly abandoned for all time.

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