Built on a hilly region just 10 miles south of the Silvanus’ Eyes
islands in Jhaamdath Bay, this port city was well known for its
robust trade with the coastal kingdoms surrounding the Sea of
Fallen Stars. When the elf-wrought disaster struck, Jhouram’s
hills dispersed the main force of the tidal wave, preserving
many of the buildings behind them. The sections of the city
that survived the disaster later sank, though they remained
mostly intact.
The gray-stoned rotundas, colonnaded halls, and domed palaces
that made up Jhouram’s center are now grown over with barnacles
and ropy sea plants. Marintagh (CE female sea hag sorcerer 10)
and a pair of green hags rule over a tribe of kapoacinths from
the palace of the city’s bladelord. The sea hag’s minions have
recovered a wealth of psionic weapons, gold, and gems from the
port city’s vaults and armory.

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