Elans first appeared in the Realms during the time of Jhaamdath, powerful psions that used their mental abilities to become immortal. The secret of this transformation was lost when the elves of Nikerymath destroyed the 12 cities of Jhaamdath (see Lost Empires of Faerûn) with a mammoth, magical tidal wave. The citizens of the capital city, along with the leaders of the other 11 cities, were all in attendance at a massive gala in the Palace of Naarkolyth to celebrate the launching of a new naval fleet when the entire city was inundated by crashing waves. Unable to save themselves, the entire population drowned. When the citizens died, their consciousnesses merged into two beings — a massive caller in darkness known as Bpdethrys (22 Hit Dice, see the Expanded Psionics Handbook) and a strange vestige, now known as Abysm the Schismed (See The Mind's Eye: Three Psionic Vestiges and The Tome of Magic). Abysm represented the majority of the population, good citizens who were too swept up in the success of their empire to realize the destruction it was causing. The souls of a minority of the population which enjoyed the conquest and was completely callous to the loss of home and way of life being suffered by the elves were congealed into Bpdethrys, a malevolent entity that seeks nothing but the consumption of souls.

Not all of the citizens of Jhaamdath died when the city was destroyed by the elves. Many of the more powerful citizens had psionic contingencies that saved them from destruction by allowing them to teleport to safety while their poorer kindred perished. This included all of the heads of the cities, whose descendants went on to form many of the noble families of the region's later kingdoms. Eventually, the 12 scions of Jhaamdath realized that their time was at an end. Approximately 300 years after the fall of Jhaamdath, the scions placed themselves in temporal stasis in the ghostly, extraplanar Palace of Naarkolyth, only to awaken when mortals entered the floating city. Abysm stands guard over their bodies, ready to lure in mortals when the time is right.

Since the destruction of Jhaamdath, a phantom palace has been seen floating above the city once every few years. In the month of Flamerule, during the Year of Lightning Storms (1374), it rose above the waters of the Vilhon Reach. A ship happened to be traveling those waters, transporting dignitaries from all over Faerûn to Arrabar for a gala summit, when a massive electrical storm swept across the water, buffeting the vessel with strong wind and lightning. The storm was so intense that it plunged the ship below the surface, where most of the passengers drown. Twelve alone were saved by the telekinetic power of Abysm and brought to Naarkolyth. Abysm instinctually knew to bring the mortals so that they could serve as new recipients of the elan transformation. When the mortals arrived, the scions awoke, understanding what needed to be done. After many centuries, the psionic energies of their stasis had decayed, making it impossible for them to leave Naarkolyth. The scions believe that the mortals, imbued with psionic power, may eventually come to free them. Unfortunately, before they had a chance to impart this knowledge, Abysm sent the mortals away.

Now the scions are awake but unable to affect the outside world in any substantial way. Despite their significant power, they cannot breach the psychic barriers created by Abysm and Bpdethrys. Their only hope is that the imbued mortals put together the pieces of their puzzle and locate Naarkolyth before the chaotic energies of their prison collapse it, thereby destroying both it and them.

The twelve elans awoke in random locations all throughout Faerûn, sent back when Abysm's lucidity wavered and its mind descended into chaos. They have no memory of their former lives or the events at Naarkolyth (save for the vision of a massive, dark cloud of human faces screaming at them) but all know that they are somehow different — better than they were before, but also diminished. Most have a minor relic of their visit to Naarkolyth — a power stone, dorje, or similar object.

Elans as Player Characters

The twelve elans transformed by Abysm and the scions have no recollection of their pasts. All were dignitaries of minor importance from different nations throughout the Realms. Their forgotten histories and backgrounds can be written however players and DMs see fit. It's quite possible for these characters to run into people from their former lives, creating interesting and complex stories. They may also search for the source of their transformation, allowing Jhaamdath and Naarkolyth to emerge in the campaign.

Elans use a form of the regional backgrounds system outlined in Champions of Valor. They do not come from any particular region, but their shared experiences provide them with common background traits.

Region: Character can have any region of origin, but all are united by their experience at Naarkolyth.

Automatic Languages: As per original home region.

Bonus Languages: As per original home region.

Favored Deities: As per original home region, though its possible that some may come to worship Auppenser.

Regional Feats: Scion of the Twelve and three from original home region.

Regional Equipment: (A) Equipment from their original home region, or (B) dorje of a 1st-level psionic power with 20 charges, or (C) two 2nd-level power stones, or (D) two shards (+4, any one skill).

New Feat — Scion of the Twelve [Regional, Psionic]

Your body and mind hold the essence of one of the twelve scions of Jhaamdath, allowing you to recognize the presence of your kind.


* You can use detect psionics at will as a psi-like ability. Your manifester level is equal to your character level.
* You gain a +2 bonus to your effective manifester level when manifesting powers from the clairsentience discipline.

You may select this feat only as a 1st-level character. You may have only one regional feat.

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