After the fall of the Twelve Cities of the Sword, a Jhaamdathan
noble named Dordrien led a band of survivors north across the
Sea of Fallen Stars and founded a town on the site that would later become Daggerdale. On the western slopes of the Dagger
Hills, he raised a sizable keep to guard the small Jhaamdathan
enclave, which endured for more than a century before orc raids
caused its decline.
Few traces remain today of the human settlement that
preceded Daggerdale. However, the crumbling foundations of
Dordrien Keep are still visible on a barren hilltop, and the crypts
of the Dordrien family can be found 2 miles to the north of
that ruin.
The Crypts of Dordrien are built into the limestone caverns
beneath Dagger Hills. Natural tunnels in the caves lead to a
drow outpost called Szith Morcane in the Upper Underdark.
Drow refugees from the recently destroyed city of Maerimydra
had been using the crypts as a staging ground for surface raids
until adventurers hired by Randal Morn, ruler of Daggerdale,
ended that effort. The crypts are now home to numerous undead
Jhaamdathan royalty, plus a nest of bebiliths summoned by the
drow wizard Solom Ned’razak, Archmage of Szith Morcane
(CE male drow wizard 13/archmage 2). Irritated by constant
interruptions from the surface, Solom plans to create a magical
barrier in the crypts to permanently separate his outpost from
the surface world.

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