Nimblestep: A small number of these psionically empowered
+1 short swords were retrieved from the basin fl oor of the
Vilhon Reach by the traveling merchant Vodarn (CN male
water genasi rogue 7), who sells recovered sunken treasures in
markets throughout the Dragon Reach. The genasi claims the
blades originated from the ruins of the drowned Jhaamdathan
city known as Corrant. A psionic character wielding a nimblestep can take a move
action instead of a full-round action to become psionically
focused. A psionic wielder also gains Up the Walls as a bonus
feat, but only so long as he carries the weapon in his hand.
In addition, a psionically focused wielder of a nimblestep
can expend his psionic focus to gain a +10 bonus on a single
Jump check.
Moderate psychometabolism; ML 5th; Craft Psionic Arms
and Armor, Psionic Meditation, Up the Walls; Price: 18,310
gp; Cost 9,310 gp + 720 XP.

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