Background Di Jhaamdath

A detta di Steven Schend, l’ispierazione è quella di Aquilonia. Il Cataclisma è stato invocato dagli elfi di Nykerymath.

Jaamdath era un antico impero, fondato quasi 7000 anni fa, piu tardi diventato una potentissima psiocrazia. Jaamdath, fondata da Jaam Dath della dinastia Dath, e le sue dodici città furono distrutte da un’enorme onda magicamente creata dagli elfi di Nikerymath. I leader delle 12 città si erano riuniti in un galà nel Palazzo di Naarkolyth, la capitale, quando il distastro avvenne. Due creature nacquero dalla tragedia, l’Abysm of the Schismed, un’entità buona formata dalle anime di coloro che erano inconsapevoli del male che l’espansionismo dell’impero stava seminando, soprattutto verso gli elfi di Nikerymath – e un orrendo enorme Caller in Darkness, creato dalle anime malvagie. I dodici lord delle città non morirono nel disastro. Si salvarono grazie a protezioni psioniche che li misero in salvo, e continuarono a proliferare fondando alcune delle piu antiche dinastie. Circa 300 anni dopo la caduta di Jaamdath, si misero in animazione sospesa nella palazzo Astrale di Naarkolyth, e si svegliano solo quando qualcuno vi entra. L’Abysm ne rimane a guardia. Nel 1374, dignitari da tutto il faerun stavano convenendo ad un galà ad Arrabar, quando il palazzo si manifesto, seguito da una invcredibile tempesta di fulmini. La barca si capovolse, affogando tutti tranne dodici del suo equipaggio. Questi vennero prelevati dall?Abysm e portati nel palazzo, dove vennero accolti dai capostipiti. I lord si resero conto che ormai si stavano indebolendo e che il palazzo stava diventando una gabbia dalla quale non potevano uscire. Trasformarono i dodici uomini in elan, e iniziarono ad istruirli su come liberarli prima che il palazzo crollasse. Purtroppo l’Abysm li prelevò prima che questo succedesse e vennero sparsi in giro per il mondo con solo una remota memoria di una nube piena di anime urlanti, e un oggetto psionico in mano.

The empire of Jhaamdath originated north of the Nikerymath
Forest (now the Chondalwood) as a confederation of twelve
cities that shared strong interests in military expansion and
mercantile trade. Jhaamdath’s people were renowned for their swordsmanship, a fact that earned the confederation the name
Twelve Cities of the Sword.
Jhaamdath was originally governed by a psiocracy—a ruling
body of powerful psions and psychic warriors known as bladelords
who were drawn from prominent noble families. In –276 DR, a
military coup dissolved the bladelord psiocracy and installed a powerful
metamind (see Expanded Psionics Handbook) as emperor.
Imperial Jhaamdath expanded rapidly west and south. Its
leaders also turned a covetous eye on the Sea of Fallen Stars and
began to build a great naval armada in preparation for conquering
the inland sea. The need for wood to build their ships turned the
people of Jhaamdath into terrible despoilers of nearby woodlands.
Jhaamdathan forces mercilessly slaughtered the elves of Nikerymath
when the latter fought to defend their forest home, but still
Jhaamdath sought more wood. In desperation, the elves of the
Chondalwood used elven high magic to call forth a tremendous
tidal wave from the Sea of Fallen Stars and send it crashing over
Jhaamdath, drowning all twelve of its great cities.
The tidal wave expanded Jhaamdath Bay and reshaped it
into the Vilhon Reach of today. A few isolated towers and keeps
that survived the great wave later sank underwater because of
the changed seascape. The only Jhaamdathan sites that entirely
escaped the catastrophe were graveyards and outposts far from the
submerged cities and the ruins of Lirremar, now buried beneath
the city of Hlondeth.
Today, the sea basin fl oor under the Vilhon Reach (called
Selmal Basin) is littered with the rubble of Jhaamdath’s twelve
cities. Psionic energy leaking from the dozens of famed psionic
swords and artifacts that now lie beneath stones, sea plants, and
sand has perverted many of the local sea creatures into phrenic
monsters (see Expanded Psionics Handbook). The structures that
sank intact are now occupied by koalinths, sea hags, and scrags.
The dangers inherent to underwater adventuring have thus far
prevented most land dwellers from exploring this sea basin.


Thousands of Jhaamdathan warriors drowned the night their
empire fell, but death did not still their sword arms, and they
rose again as undead swordwraithsFF. In recent weeks, they
have begun to trudge out of the waters of the Vilhon Reach at sundown. Marching singly or in pairs, they visit death upon
nearby coastal cities, seeking out elves in preference to other
targets when possible.
For the past year, the number of swordwraith attacks has been
steadily growing, giving rise to panic in the coastal cities of the
Vilhon Reach. No cause has yet been pinpointed for the rising
undead rampage, and most agree that only someone brave or
foolhardy enough to plunge deep into the bay waters can discover
the cause of these assaults.

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