Background Di Dhinnilith

Dhinnilith fu sommersa dallo tsunami evocato dagli elfi di Nykerymath.
La distruzione della capitale assieme alle altre 11 Città della Spada portò alla creazione di Abysm, Bpdethrys e all'allontanamento dei Dodici Patriarchi.

No underwater explorer has yet located the ruins of Dhinnilith,
Jhaamdath’s imperial city, but legends persist that it somehow
survived the ancient catastrophe. On a moonless night every few
years, a phantom city of stone slowly appears in the air just above
the waters of the Vilhon Reach. At sunrise, the city fades away
to whatever nether dimension spawned it. Sages are at a loss to
explain the city’s strange appearances, the last of which occurred
in the Year of the Unstrung Harp (1371 DR).
The phantom city is deserted except for a cloudlike undead
creature formed from the psychic residue of the city’s sudden
demise. This tormented creature is a caller in darkness (see
Expanded Psionics Handbook) of unusual size and power (22 Hit
Dice). Its form shows thousands of human faces, all screaming
out silently in terror and pain.
No one has yet explored this ghost city, or even determined whether its streets are substantial enough to be walked upon.

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