Background Del Culto Del Drago

Wyrmsmoke Cell

High above the western slopes of the Galena Mountains, halfway between Glister and· Hulburg, floats an ancient and long·abandoned cloud giant citadel known as Wyrmsmoke Keep. From the aerial ramparts of this ancient ruin, a small Dragon Cult cell has long exerted influence over the great dragons of the eastern Moonsea and the Great Gray Land of Thar by blending the mercantile might of the Moonsea's cities with tile martial prowess of Thar's elite warriors.


The Wyrmsmoke cell is composed of powerful merchants based in the great cities along the shores of the Moonsea and their allies in Wyrmsmoke Keep. Wyrmsmoke Keep is garrisoned by three tribes of dragonkins, one tribe of draconic orcs who raise fire drakes as steeds, and their commanders (mostly orc or ogre variants).


The Wyrmsmoke cell is ruled by a council of six, known as the Wearers of Purple.

They include

  • Kaela Ulsant of Mulmaster (LE female Vaasan human cleric 6 [BaneJ/wearer of purple 7)
  • Crenshyl Khodoil of Thentia (NE male Chondathan human fighter 9/wearer of purple 2)
  • Delphaeryn Leiyraghon of Melvaunt (LE female Vaasan human necromancer 11/wearer of purple 1)
  • Theldar Hammerfist (NE male half-orc fighter 12/wearer of purple 4)
  • Orinskar of Thar (CE male ogre barbarian 11)
  • Dalgar, "Blood of Iyrauroth (CE male draconic orc rogue 5/assassin 5/wearer of purple 2)

Allies and Enemies

The Wyrmsmoke Cell lost all its allied dracoliches and most of its allied dragons during the events of the Year of Rogue Dragons, thanks to the efforts by the Talons of Justice to hunt down the followers of Sammaster. The Wyrmsmoke cell has long opposed the efforts of the Zhentarim to control trade across the waters of the Moonsea, but it has never been strong enough to openly oppose the machinations of the Zhentharim.


For decades, members of this cell have bribed dragons along the Galenas to target the Black Network's ships, profiting from the "unexpected" shortage of goods that the sinking of a carefully chosen merchant ship can induce. Although it has suffered setbacks, the cult has never angered the Zhentharim enough to engender a fulll·scale counterattack. In the wake of Sammaster's Rage, such response is seen as increasingly likely, so the leaders of the Wyrmsmoke cell have spent a good deal of their shared fortune to open negotiation:; with several candidates for dracolichdom among the surviving dragon population of the Galenas.

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